My D.I.Y. project: scotch-shelf


The first project I want to share with you is a D.I.Y. wood shelf that contains RGB leds, controlled with either a microcontroller like ESP8266 FR or a Raspberry Pi Zero W from a web control center.

Many good Scotch bottles will stand proudly on this creation!

The control center:

  • runs on raspberry pi
  • responsive
  • reactive
  • allows me to add an iot item on demand

The shelf:

  • can be powered ON and OFF with an interuptor.
  • when ON, the microcontroller make http requests to the server to control led colors/intensity.
  • must be autonomous, and the battery can be charged with micro usb.
  • one piece of wood
  • diffusing plexiglass to light up the bottles

What I want to achieve with this project:

  • learn to work with raw materials (wood)
  • learn to share a D.I.Y project with the world (HUGO)
  • learn to use arduino compatible microcontrollers
  • learn to use Eclipse Vert.x as reactive application server
  • improve my skills on Angular

I bought some tools that will be usefull to work the wood, and i’ll start with the control center, waiting impatiently for the packages.

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